Bonus Levels

Bonus Levels

Hero of the Day

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Page 7                   Page 19                RudeDudes

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Future Projects

Allan Calls Out Sick

Allan doesn’t feeling like going to work so he calls out sick for the day. His grandmother gets wind of this and wants to nurse him back to health with her horrible cooking. This will end up being a ghostbusters spoof ( much better than that awful new one)

DeathStar Daryl

While on the DeathStar one night, after a long shift of stromtrooping, Daryl runs into a long lost childhood hero that is trying to get back to his roots.

A Devil In The Woods

You can’t be a New Jersey resident without being the slightest bit interested in the Jersey Devil. Our boys will rent a cabin in the Pine Barrens and cross paths with this legend. This will probably be a spoof of Evil Dead